Green Monday Deals

After Black Friday and Cyber Week it looks like Amazon et al are keeping it going with Green Monday. Whatever next? Purple Thursday?

They are offering limited inventory deep discounts like these ones below.

Green Monday Deals


Now some of these are limited inventory and limited time – these are typically the 45-60% off items. And some other item discounts are valid for a few days or even a week – long enough to get you them delivered before Christmas. Click on any of the images to get to the current Green Monday offerings at Amazon

AmazonJewel AmazonLimitedTime AmazonT GreenMondayToys


Of course, Amazon are using early access to Lightning Deals as an incentive for you to sign up to Prime. Before all the good stuff is gone! Worth checking out the Amazon Prime (One Year Membership) even if it has gone up a little in the last year. It still pays for itself if you do some emergency “get it to my house now” last minute shopping, and order a few things in the rest of the year.

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