2014 Cyberweek Previews Kick Off


We’re almost upon Black Friday again and a variety of retailers are trying different tactics to make sure that they get your online dollars. The mother of all post Thanksgiving Sales is typically at some purpose built retail park encompassing Walmart and Target, and this year is a little different.

WalmartBlackFridayCyberMondayRather than drag people into the stores for the Walmart crowd-crushing extravaganza and see people waiting around ring-fenced loss leader items, the plucky retail group is getting people to pre-book their purchases on the internet to maximize their sales channels. What does this mean? Well in addition to their price matching to fight off competition for products like these:

– Samsung 58″ LED HDTV – $698.00
– Samsung 40″ LED HDTV Frozen Edition – $298.00
– iPad Air 2 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet – $489.00 + $100.00 Walmart Gift Card

They’re also going crazy with the pricing on their site. They’re rolling out the information bit by bit to keep shoppers guessing of course – their aim is to maximize sales and revenue – possibly taking some of their sales from competitors and losing margin in the process.
Of course with no physical stores and with a mission to disrupt conventional geographic retailing, Amazon is always the one to watch for Cyberweek deals. They are taking the softly softly approach, and their best deals are behind the link on the right. Whether it be electronics gifts, clothing, fashion, jewelry or something more conventional like books and video games.

Of course Amazon is always a favorite for Cyberweek. And it’s not just products supplied by the great Amazon wholesaling empire – if you click on this link Black Friday Deals at Amazon you’ll see that individual retailers within the Amazon network are advertising to get a piece of the Cyber Monday dollar.

Don’t forget to sign up if you want the best last minute opportunities – some of the ads are leaked ahead of time, and sometimes they keep the best for last!


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